New ZEH software for Microsystem (May 1997)

ZEH Graphics Systems have just announced a new release of ZEH-PLOT for MicroStation.

Designed for users who need to plot very large graphic files (12MB and up) and who have to handle complex rasterizing ZEH-PLOT also allows users to modify views, fences and Design Files from within MicroStation. ZEH-PLOT can also plot to the MicroStation's Design File format. Another new release from ZEH is the ZPS Design File Submittal Version 2.17 (ZDFS) and the ZPS Design File Interpreter (ZDFI). ZDFS submits a MicroStation Design File to a plot server for interpretation, rasterization and plotting, while ZDFI interprets a Microstation Design File and creates intermediate files that are then passed on for rasterization and plot. The new versions introduce a range of new functions and are up to three times faster than previous releases. Contact ZEH on (1) 281 497 2141.

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