PESGB Data Management SIG (May 1997)

The latest meeting of the PESGB Data Management Special Interest Group was well attended, and kicked off with a backgrounder from Neil McNaughton on the topic of E&P Data formats.

This introduction was essentially a musing on the theme "why don't acquisition contractors supply data in the same formats as used on our workstations?". An E&P data format roadmap – which if we were a standards organisation we would describe as a "strawman" or an "RFC", is enclosed in this month's PDM. The essence of the problem is that our legacy formats have been developed to support performant recording of sequential data in the field, whereas the programmers of workstation software have a different agenda. The PESGB group took up the torch and focused on the thorny old chestnut of a real standard for SEG-Y seismic data. This has been the subject of much effort on the part of the SEG, which is currently looking for more support for a sub committee to work on this project. Hugh Edwards from IBM is now going to approach the UKOOA and the Diskos consortium, who already have got a new SEG-Y standard, with a view to adopting and promoting an acceptable standardised version of SEG-Y capable of handling modern workstation type data. Any interested parties are encouraged to contact Hugh, or Mark Wilson at the PESGB.

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