GeoQuest Developing and Marketing QLA 2 (April 1997)

GeoQuest announced that it has assumed responsibility for ongoing development, marketing and distribution of QLA 2*, the industry's 'premier' PC-based petrophysical interpretation program.

QLA 2 delivers a complete set of tools for comprehensive well log analysis based on the dual-water model. The interactive log analysis tools support log, crossplot and tabular displays developed from standard or user-defined parameters. The QLA 2 system accepts digital data from a variety of sources and interfaces to display multiwell cross-sectional views of petrophysical data. GeoQuest currently is working on enhancements to QLA 2. Enhancements include the transition to a Windows 32-bit environment, as well as open database connectivity (ODBC) to support the use of QLA 2 with other ODBC-compliant applications. The addition of QLA 2 to the GeoQuest product line strengthens GeoQuest's product offering to the PC-user community. In 1995, GeoQuest entered the PC market through the acquisition of the ECLIPSE reservoir simulator product line. In 1996, GeoQuest acquired two PC-based production database applications-The Production Analyst and OilField Manager.

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