A new tape drive from Sony (April 1997)

Sony announces the GY-2120 drive and 64MB.sec transfer rate for the ID-1/DIR-1000H product.

Following our High density media special last month, Robert Huntley who is in charge of the European sales/marketing of the Sony ID-1 & DTF data recorder products for Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe has emailed us to announce the release of the GY-2120 drive which takes over from the GY-10 product and offers ADLC compression giving an average 2.59 : 1 compression. On this basis the native (large) cartridge capacity of 42 Gb becomes 108Gb. (although these figures are unlikely to be achieved with seismic data). Sony have also released the DMS-B9 a 9 slot library using a single GY-2120 drive, offering a total native capacity of 378 Gb. For the ID-1 format a new product the DIR-1000H will be available later this year and will provide a staggering 64 MBytes / second transfer rate (assuming of course that you have a suitable interface for such a rate!)

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