RockWare software over the web (April 1997)

Rockware is now offering trial versions of its most popular software for download from its website (

Prosect (deviated wellbore computation), DLG (line graph plotter), Digitize (guess what!) are available amongst others. In the old days of clanking UNIX software, taking up a "free trial" was just like signing the check. Once you had installed configured the software and learned how to use it, there was no was you would go back. If you had tried to unload the trial, your system would have probably never run again anyhow. All this has changed with Windows based demos. I downloaded Erupt, a shareware volcanic eruption modeling program developed by the USGS from the RockWare site. Except for its overwriting a Windows system file with an older version – a problem that Windows (95) trapped (unusually) the installation went smoothly and within minutes I was building my own Dante's Peak (go see it!) with sound effects and all. Now I'm working on downloading Linda Hamilton.

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