Over 800 attend Landmark's Worldwide Technology Forum (March 1997)

Landmark Graphics Corporation (LGC) held the 1997 Landmark Worldwide Technology Forum in Houston in February and it proved to be both a popular and successful event.

First and foremost a platform for an exchange of technical information from both Landmark's clients and their own technical team, the Forum also provided a platform for the "vision" of LGS's president and CEO. Citing industry-wide "revitalised optimism about the dynamics of finding and producing oil and gas" Peebler went on to describe LGC's position as "a participant in the new age of knowledge based oil companies that are finding and producing oil and gas reserves that were previously impossible to detect and uneconomic to produce". Peebler stated LGC's goal as being "to deliver the industry's broadest, most integrated and innovative suite of solutions to increase the asset teams productivity across the oil field life cycle". We have listed some of the contributions likely to interest readers of PDM below, please contact LGC for further details.


Integration and data exchange between Open Works and third party products was featured covering fault seal analysis with FAPS, geostatistics with ISATIS. Data Management issues were addressed in various talks. Amoco Canada described how a single shared data repository for a project reduced a project's data management overhead from 70 to 30%, while Pan Canadian described their sophisticated 10 terabyte seismic data store built around Landmark's Common Access Interface utilising third party products such as Panther's SDMS and running on IBM ASDM archive software. Many case histories described advanced utilisation of LGC products, of particular interest was the contribution from Amoco describing their Post Appraisal and Archival methodology. This rigorous approach to post mortem analysis of drilling prospects illustrates how far we have come since the days when a dry hole was regarded as an embarrassment best forgotten.

800 attendees

Prior to LGC's Technology Forum we speculated as to the wisdom of dividing the conference scene into LGC and GeoQuest events, and indeed when it comes to debating general G&G issues, the AAPG, SEG etc. provide us with quite adequate forums. The 800 attendees at the LGC event have proved that there definitely is a market for these product focused events, and indeed the polarisation of the marketplace makes separate conferences an inevitability. Boy we have moved on some from those heady days when everyone was going on about interoperability!

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