Upcoming meetings (February 1997)

The Landmark Worldwide Technology Forum will be held in Houston from February 12-14, 1997.

Following on from the report from Cambridge Energy Research Associates reviewed in PDM Vol 1 No. 5, Landmark are making a concerted effort to bridge what they see as the 'IT generation gap', whose effect on your business 'may be more substantial than you thought possible'. In addition to providing an update on the latest Landmark solutions the Forum will provide advice on how to manage the 'wetware' or human element and will showcase Landmark services designed to ease your 'digital anxiety.' Landmark's 'vision' can be shared by contacting your local LGC rep.

SEG International Geophysical Conference and Exposition 'Istanbul: Where the Continents Meet' July 7 - 10, 1997. The Technical Program for Istanbul '97 is designed to 'combine a focus on the four surrounding regions - the Balkans, the CIS, the Middle East and North Africa - with papers offering worldwide experiences in the use of geophysical technology'. Abstracts to John Toldi, Chevron Overseas Petroleum 6001 Bollinger Canyon Road San Ramon, CA 94583-0946 USA

Wavelet Transforms at Geneva EAGE Anthony A. Vassiliou is organising a workshop on wavelet transforms at the next EAGE annual convention in Geneva on May 25, 1997. The theme of the workshop is: Wavelet Transform and its Applications to Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing and Imaging. We are looking for contributions in all of these areas. More detailed information on this workshop is provided in the attached text file. The deadline for contributions is February 15, 1997. All contributions should be sent to Anthony at Amoco EPTG, 4502 E. 41st Street, Tulsa, OK 74135, USA.

Data Model Workshop - Spring 1997 Numerous data models which support common areas of geoscience have been developed by various teams over recent years. However, few if any of these models are disseminated within the geoscience community at large. The result is that similar data models are being repeatedly redeveloped by different groups. This is inherently wasteful and makes data exchange between independent research teams difficult. The aim of the meeting is to provide a forum for data model developers to exchange designs and develop common models for key areas of the geoscientific information. The format of the meeting will be a series of short papers on a given area with discussion. The meeting will be followed by the publication of one or more papers, under the joint authorship of the speakers, proposing common data models. Abstracts to JRA Giles, British Geological Survey, Kingsley Dunham Centre, Keyworth, Nottingham, NG12 5GG by 14th March 1997.

Using the Internet for Geoscience Teaching and Learning Venue: University of Derby Date: 10th July 1997 A meeting organized jointly with the UK Earth Science Courseware Consortium. It will be held the day after the UK Earth Science Courseware Consortium Annual Users Workshop, which is also to be hosted at the University of Derby. The explosive growth of the Internet in general and the World Wide Web (WWW) in particular presents enormous opportunities for geoscience teaching and learning. This meeting will provide a forum for people to describe their experiences of delivering and accessing geoscience educational content and to discuss future developments. Internet facilities will be available so that delegates can access the growing number of Web sites where useful teaching material is available on-line. Contact Paul Browning, Department of Geology, University of Bristol, Bristol BS8 1RJ, UK

Geoscience GIS used in anger Venue: BGS, Keyworth, Nottingham Provisional date: 15th October 1997 The use of GIS technology within the geoscience community is now well established. Working systems, if not common place, are at least a familiar tool to many earth scientists. The aims of this meeting are:

to review critically existing GIS software in terms of the special needs of the geoscientists; to provide illustrations of geoscience applications; to describe the solutions to problems encountered during the development of the systems; to explain how GIS use has changed working practices; and to answer the question 'was it worth the effort?'.

More info from Jenny Walsby, British Geological Survey, Keyworth, Nottingham, NG12 5GG, UK.

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