Top job vacant at POSC (February 1997)

William E. Bartz, President and CEO of Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC), has announced that he will retire effective April 30, 1997.

Mr. Bartz assumed his present position in May, 1994 after retiring from Chevron Inc. following a long career in both domestic and international Exploration and Production assignments. Commenting on Mr. Bartz' decision, current POSC Board chairman Robert Pindell said, "POSC has been fortunate over the last three years to have Bill Bartz provide leadership in bringing new members to the organization, including two new sponsoring companies, Statoil and Saudi Aramco. Bill has also been instrumental in extending the scope of POSC specifications to include oil and gas facilities through the POSC relationship with the Caesar Offshore Project. We sincerely thank Bill for his efforts and wish him well as he retires for the second time from our industry."

POSC is currently conducting a search to identify a successor president and CEO, who will be expected, in Dr. Pindell's words "to continue the development and direction of a highly skilled and dedicated management team and staff. The POSC staff is highly recognized for their tireless efforts on behalf of our industry."

At PDM we'd like to take the opportunity of thanking Bill Bartz for his helpful comments on issues POSCian over the last year, and his occasional (but always constructive!) criticism of our efforts. We wish him well in his retirement.

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