Enterprise chooses Landmark for data management (February 1997)

Enterprise Oil (UK) has signed a multi-million deal with landmark incorporating customization to integrate the legacy Tigress-based environment.

Enterprise, like many of its competitors has been struggling with the "buy or build" E&P data management solutions question for over a decade. Several years ago, Enterprise embarked on an ambitious program to integrate geophysics, geology, petrophysics and petroleum engineering with the objective of improving efficiency in E&P workflow. This involved a participation in the EU funded Tigress suite of E&P software (now acquired by PGS), and the development of an in-house corporate database using Oracle. This program suffered the familiar shortcomings with in-house development, and Enterprise have now turned to Landmark for help. Enterprise are a long-time Landmark customer, being one of Landmark's first clients way back in 1984.


five-year deal

The current deal is described as an "exclusive, five-year strategic alliance" designed to "improve workflow and data processes, increase productivity and reduce risk". The multimillion dollar alliance includes software, data management, professional services, customized training, on-site support and software maintenance. Tim Bird, E&P Applications Manager for Enterprise Oil, speaking of the Tigress initiative stated that "the good features of [Tigress] have been required as part of the specification for the new system" and that Tigress "lead the way in demonstrating the potential and reality of integrated database and application systems." Building on the experience they gained with the earlier development (which essentially convinced Enterprise of the utility of the integrated software application suite, while seemingly failing to catch fire in the marketplace), Enterprise have opted for a "tightly integrated application and data environment" while raising its' level of decision management support with a new corporate database".


New database

This database is described as a development of OpenWorks which at least initially will retain some of Enterprise's proprietary legacy system. Enterprise do not however see this as an exclusive arrangement and emphasize that it is the openness of Open Works that attracts them. Tim Bird, stated that Landmark was selected for data management "because of its ability to integrate applications and data from a wide variety of sources - not just from Landmark. Other vendors rely on low-level file transfer with third-party programs. But many third-parties already have tight links with OpenWorks. OpenWorks acts as a magnet to third-party applications."

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