Earth Resource Mapping Alliance (February 1997)

Earth Resource Mapping and Autodesk are to offer combined solutions for digital mapping and GIS.

Strategic alliances are all the rage these days and the latest we've heard about is the 'strategic partnership' between Earth Resource Mapping, the Australian company with outposts in San Diego, California and Egham, Surrey, UK and Autodesk, which claims to be the fourth largest PC software company in the world with three million customers in over 140 countries. The idea of the alliance is to provide complete mapping and GIS solutions for digital mapping and GIS markets. ER Mapper from Earth Resource Mapping is seen by Autodesk as a valuable technology in its bid to grow its GIS market offering, according to Joe Astroth, vice president of the company's GIS market group. 'With new resolution satellite imagery available over the next couple of years, our partnership with Earth Resource mapping will let us provide state-of-the-art solutions for telecommunications, utility, natural resources and governmental infrastructure management.'

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