Service-to-the-Screen concept from GeoQuest (February 1997)

Integration of IT and data management into a coherent service from a single organization is the key to better delivery of information to end users, according to Schlumberger-GeoQuest, which has been talking about its services to Amerada Hess Norway, provided jointly with Cap Gemini Norway.

GeoQuest is working on the principle that clear ownership of the complete information flow path from data storage to the interpretation workstation is required to ensure that a geoscientist is interpreting data, concentrating on what is on the screen, not how it got there. The service company has developed the Service-at-the-Screen concept in which GeoQuest staff take away the responsibility for data provision to the end user.

The full package includes a service desk within Amerada covering data management, applications first-line support and IT inquiries; provision of IT services for UNIX and PC hardware (hardware, networking and desktop software systems); basic integration between existing applications and databases; and personal assistance to geoscience users in sourcing, transferring and archiving of data.

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