QC Data and CDA team aim to increase efficiency of UK Petroleum Companies (February 1997)

Canadian QC Data is successfully exporting itsInformation Hub technology to the UK as prime contractor in the Common Data Accessinitiative

QC Data is a world leader in the implementation of multi-client geotechnical information repositories. QC Data’s Canadian Information HubTM was established in 1992 and currently has over 600 clients accessing some 30 different integrated data sets directly on-line. On-line connections currently range from dialup modems or ISDN services to fractional T1 and ATM connections at bandwidths of up to 155 Mbs-1. Customer choice is further enhanced by the option of accessing the data directly through any one of over a dozen third-party applications. It was on this base of experience that the UK Common Data Access(CDA) consortium selected QC Data in July, 1995 as the Prime Contractor for both the design and implementation, and the long term operator of the UK national data repository. Leveraging off of proven software and systems, QC Data was able to deliver a turnkey solution to CDA in six months. QC Data’s Log AxxsesTM software provides the secure Common User access to the on-line Information HubTM database management system. QC Data utilized GeoQuest as a subcontractor to provide the initial load of historical UK digital well logs and uses GeoQuests LogDB system for the loading and archiving of the original format tapes. CDA members have on-line access to duplicate facilities in the Docklands area of London, and in Aberdeen, Scotland.


With the CDA initiative being the first "industry" sponsored national data repository, we asked Sandra Scott, the Managing Director of QC Data UK Ltd., how it compared to the other commercial and government sponsored initiatives that QC Data have been involved in. "The largest challenge has been in managing User expectation across 35 different companies", Ms. Scott said. Each company has unique requirements and are using the system for different purposes. Some companies are simply using the system as a permanent archive for their data and to satisfy partner distribution while others intend to utilize the system as a replacement for their in-house data management system. "Despite these challenges", Ms. Scott says "the synergies you get when 35 companies are working jointly towards a common goal are tremendous". In principle, there is no limit to the extendibility of CDA Limited in the future in terms of next-generation applications software add-ons, the incorporation of new types of data and the growth of new services offered to CDA Limited participants. QC Data has maintained it’s position as a world leader in the petroleum information management business by exploiting best of breed technology utilizing open system standards and standard data models. Since being awarded the CDA contract, QC Data has also signed a sole-source contract with the United States Minerals Management Service(MMS). Acting as agent for the MMS, QC Data maintains responsibility for the management, storage and distribution of digital well log information in the Offshore Gulf of Mexico.

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