Groovy Website of the month (January 1997)

New website offers comprehensive list of on-line Earth Science Journals.

If you still have any fuddy duddies in your organisation who doubt the usefulness of the world wide web, point them in the direction of the website maintained by Dr. Daniele L. Pinti of the Graduate School of Science, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, Osaka University. The URL is (note no www prefix). Here you can access directly the world wide web pages of 258 journals related to Earth Sciences. We paid a visit and were astounded at how many journals have online versions today. For example, just in the field of petroleum geology you can access the following AAPG, Basin Research Institute Newsletter, Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology, China Oil and Gas, Electronic Oil Exploration, First Break, Hydrocarbon Processing, International Petroleum Abstracts, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Oil and Gas Journal, Oilfield Review, OPEC Review, Petroleum Chemistry, Petroleum Geoscience, Pipeline, The Oil Chronicle and Petroleum Abstracts. Daniele is on the lookout for any more online journals to include in her impressive compilation.

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