ELF led consortium awards LightSIP to Prism Technologies and IBM. (January 1997)

Elf, Shell and Statoil have awarded the development of a 'Light' (that should be 'Lite'!) version of the Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation (POSC)'s Software Integration Platform (SIP) to Prism technologies of Newcastle, UK and IBM.

The LightSIP project will result in "the first commercially available POSC Data Access and Exchange Facility (DAEF) implementation on a published POSC relational implementation". In other words, according to IBM, this is the first time that a truly POSCian data management solution, albeit a trimmed down version, has ever been developed. Other "POSC complaint" solutions are generally stand alone products with applications accessing the database directly. This "politically correct" POSC implementation will have data access through the DAEF, which is there to protect the development in access methods from changes in the underlying database technology, in particular the long awaited migration from the relational database to the object oriented database (will it ever happen?). The POSC DAEF will be "a key technology to enhance data sharing within multi-discipline geoscience teams". IBM claim that future adoption of the DAEF by E&P application providers will enable widespread use of the new DAEF POSC standards (once everyone has mastered the acronyms that is!)


critical path

Philippe Chalon, methods and standards department manager at Elf Aquitaine says "Elf considers that the availability of a POSC DAEF component is on the critical path of POSC take-up. We will be recommending our E&P applications providers to adopt the LightSIP product when it becomes available, as POSC standards are central to our technical target architecture." For their part, IBM intend to implement the LightSIP DAEF atop their PetroBank data management product suite.

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