Geoquest insists 'We will open GeoFrame to all-comers'. (January 1997)

Geoquest announce that GeoFrame will offer 3rd party data access and make claim for POSC 'compliance'.

Francis Mons of Schlumberger Geoquest, speaking at the POSC European annual shindig, held this year in Cap Gemini's Chateau at Behoust, France stated that the GeoFrame Software Integration Platform (SIP) is now available to anyone who wants to attach their product to the GeoFrame data bus. Possibly in response to PDM's probing (we were skeptical about Geoquest's real desire to allow for interoperability with Open Works, Landmark Graphics Corporation (LGC)'s competing integration platform) this clarification opens the door to an approach from Landmark, although none has been forthcoming as yet. For Geoquest, the GeoFrame SIP represents a major change in computing architecture. Applications will no longer have their own databases, but will run off a common POSC compliant database at the heart of the GeoFrame architecture. This will be populated from the corporate data store at project inception.


Mexican stand-off

While GeoFrame is painted as "pure POSC", GeoQuest are also backing project Discovery, the POSC PPDM merger project. The intent is to migrate Finder and SeisDB using the results of Discovery when they become available. Subsequently, as Discovery gobbles up more and more of Epicentre, GeoQuest "will remain active, implementing the results of Discovery as available and following testing and acceptance by the POSC and PPDM boards". Is that quite clear? The current situation is a bit of a Mexican stand-off, with LGC offering up their SIP to third parties to enable integration around their platform, and GeoQuest doing likewise with GeoFrame. Perhaps someone should step in with a mega bit of middleware (a mega bit, not a megabit, ed.) to bridge the gap?

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