Best Wishes for 1997 (January 1997)

Andrew McBarnet, PDM’s publisher, offers a seasonal greeting to readers and outlines PDM’s objectives for the new year.

Petroleum Data Manager bids you welcome to 1997. We do have something to celebrate. PDM has only been going since July 1996, but we know that the publication has already established a significant niche for itself among opinion formers and decision makers in the E&P computing business. How do we know? Simple, you’ve been telling us. The most common reaction to PDM is that it provides a valuable and timely service in a fast moving environment. The rising number of subscribers seems to reinforce the message. Indeed, if everyone who tells us they are going to subscribe actually did so, we would be more than happy. So where do we go from here? Naturally one New Year Resolution is to continue to provide you, our subscribers, with the news, comment and incisive analysis you’ve come to expect. We haven’t pulled our punches on the big issues, like the quest for standards and comprehensive data management systems. We don’t intend to stop in 1997.

However we would like to broaden our horizons a little. We will be introducing some new features during the year to ensure our focus isn’t too narrowly, for example, on the geosciences. The industry vision today is of a much wider integration of data in the oilfield life-cycle, and we intend to reflect that.

Our other main concern is to encourage more outside contribution s to enable industry professionals to share their experiences on key topics. As much as anything, PDM is intended to be a forum for discussion. It remains to wish all our readers all the very best for the New year. Andrew McBarnet Publisher, Petroleum Data Manager.

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