LYNX announces GIS group (December 1997)

Lynx Information Systems UK announces the setting up of a specialist Geographical Information System (GIS) Group in London. The aim of this Group is to support products developed by Lynx and to assist clients using ESRI's ArcInfo/Arc View application for exploration data management.

Each of the Lynx "Exploration Advisers" covers a certain geographical area and consists of a variety of exploration and production related maps linked to well/field databases, well logs and seismic sections, all in digital format and managed from ArcView. Text, tables and figures are also produced digitally and have been incorporated into the Adobe Acrobat application. The GIS Group will be developing "Advisers" for other exploration areas throughout the world (Iraq, Libya, West Africa, Western Siberia, Venezuela, Algeria and SE Asia are available), and helping companies incorporate their own proprietary information into the existing information pool.

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