Oil-Link boosts capacity (December 1997)

Oil-Link, who describe themselves as 'another Yahoo, just for oil and gas' has moved to a considerably faster server with DS3 (fibre optic) connectivity.

In addition, Oil-Link has been redesigned and now boasts over 2,600 oil and gas websites listed in 47 different categories. Oil-Link claims to be the largest such directory on the internet proving to be a "significant resource for oil and gas employment with 60-100 new job openings being posted each month". Oil-Link receives approximately 6,000 user visits monthly from over 45 different countries. These visitors include representatives from every major oil & gas and service company. The rationale behind Oil-Link is that since finding information on the web is becoming more and more difficult with the exponential growth in the number of websites a dedicated oil and gas search engine is required.

Low S/N

The low S/N ratio was recently demonstrated by an Alta Vista query for the keyword "oil" that resulted in 1,000,000 responses. At the same time, universal directories such as Yahoo! are said to be far from comprehensive for verticals like oil and gas. Oil-Link services include :

Bookstore - In conjunction with Amazon.com, Oil-Link maintains a bookstore exclusively for oil and gas. Here you can browse the latest titles and purchase books directly from Amazon.com - secure, online, real-time.

Employment - A place for locating or posting jobs, resumes and consultant information.

Industry News - In conjunction with NewsPage, daily headlines from 31 categories of oil and gas news.

Oil-Link is provided free of charge and does not require registration (a great boon if like us at PDM you can never remember your password). Listings in the directory are free and can be submitted online. You must have a page on the web to get listed. Oil-Link is financed by what is described as a modest fee for Premium Listings together with paid banner advertising.

More info from info@oillink.com, or visit on http://www.oillink.com.

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