PGS and MR-DPTS awarded Petrobras Contract (December 1997)

PGS Data Management and MR-DPTS have been awarded a contract by Petrobras to preprocess and input data to Petrobras' new GeoBank data management system.

Geobank is PGS' data management solution built around IBM's PetroBank data repository. MR-DPTS will remaster 250,000 9 track and 3480 legacy seismic tapes to the new 3590 High Density Media and prepare the metadata for PetroMaster, PetroBank's index system. At the same time, PGS is to scan 725,000 paper and microfiche records to optical disk for near line access. With the opening up of the Brazilian E&P scene the intention is that the data store will turn into a fully fledged national data repository over time, with multiple client sites throughout Brazil. Petrobras is currently preparing for a licensing round in January so there is something of a rush on to populate the database before the onslaught of the "January Sales".

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