Geoquest data management sales to Siberia (December 1997)

Geoquest has made sales of data management software and services to two administrations in Western Siberia.

GeoQuest will provide software, hardware, training and technical support to the Geological Commiteee of the Administration of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. The contract calls for the installation of GeoQuest's Finder integrated data management system, including SeisDB seismic trace management and archival extension and AssetDB physical data management and order system. GeoQuest will load all the seismic data and well log data in the region. New data collected from contractors operating in the area will be loaded and archived when delivered to the center. Located in Khanty-Mansiysk City, the data management center will be operational by the end of the year.

World Bank

Another similar sale involves an $8.4 million contract to deliver data management software and services to TomskNeftegas designed to optimize the exploration of the company's oil fields. The two-year contract, funded by the World Bank, calls for GeoQuest to provide data management software, hardware and training to set up two fully synchronized databases linking the Western Siberia sites of Tomsk and Strezhevoy. A production data management system also will be set up in Strezhevoy to handle data from 16 fields in the area. In addition,

GeoQuest Reservoir Technologies will conduct a major field study of the Sovietskoye field. "Information from the synchronized databases will help TomskNeftegas engineers make day-to-day operating decisions and provide data for the field development plan," said Jorgen Rasmussen, GeoQuest district manager for the CIS and Eastern Europe. TomskNeftegas will use GeoQuest's Finder data management system, including the LogDB curve archival extension to support data management operations. GeoQuest also will provide integrated geological, geophysical, petrophysical and reservoir simulation software; workstations; and computer systems. Integrated workstation software to be installed are CPS-3 mapping and surface modeling system; ECLIPSE reservoir simulation; the GeoFrame Petrophysics reservoir characterisation system; and StratLog geological interpretation software.

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