GeoGraphix announces GES97, Prizm v2.1 and data partnering program with Platte River. (December 1997)

Three new software components have been released by GeoGraphics - Landmark's PC software arm.

The GeoGraphix Exploration System (GES) 97 promises enhanced deviated well functionality, expanded support for international map projections, open data access to the GES database and better integration with the other products in the GeoGraphix product line. Prism V2.1 lets users present log interpretation results in map view and allows for the calculation of curve statistics such as average and total net pay, sand count, porosity, and Sw. These can then be gridded and plotted in GES97. Improved multi-well crossplotting functionality is also claimed. A new addition to the GES97 Workbench is ResMap which allows earth scientists and petroleum engineers to incorporate production and pressure data into geologic interpretations, property evaluations and field operations. ResMap offers data plotting in formats such as pie and bubble charts, in what is described as presentation-quality basemap display.

Point and click

Users have point and click access to mapped data so that for instance a click on a well can bring up log interpretations, production history, formation top data etc.

Geographix has teamed with Platte River Digital Cartography to resell digital data as part of their expanding data partnership program. This enables Geographix clients to buy third party data direct from them for use in the GeoGraphix Exploration System. The new program is augmented with GeoGraphix "QuickStart" service offering which includes digitizing, data loading, network and system setup and other consulting services. GES97 also paves the way for improved integration with Landmark's OpenWorks database. Through a combined Landmark/GeoGraphix effort, a Windows NT utility is under development to allow the easy migration of well data between projects on OpenWorks and GES97.

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