Argus to AnGIS (November 1997)

Canadian start-up AnGIS is working on a plug-in replacement to Argus, a PC-based GIS which is scheduled to be switched off as Landmark moves to Open Explorer.

Robin Winsor told how his client, Alberta Energy (AEC) Co. a $3 billion utility had 11 legacy mapping systems, some of which produced conflicting maps. These have now been rationalized to 2 systems, GeoScout, a proprietary system and Landmark's Argus, an open system which AEC use as the hub for data from Dyad, IPL, QC Data and their internal database. The Argus development allowed users to see data from all these "best of breed" sources in the same composite map. Unfortunately for AEC Landmark are pulling the plug on Argus and offering users an upgrade path to Open Explorer. This may not fit with everyone’s IT strategy, since Argus was a compact PC based product, and Open Explorer, (reviewed in PDM Vol 2 N 6) is a UNIX based system requiring significantly more resources. Step in AnGIS, a plug in replacement for Argus using ESRI’s map tools and a PPDM data model. Winsor claims that the use of ESRI’s mapping tools has greatly improved some of the more sluggish performance of Argus. Now the AnGIS team are canvassing other Argus clients to see if they want an alternate path to OP, looks like a great business opportunity – more information from Robin Winsor,

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