PPDM membership snubs major vendors (November 1997)

The Public Petroleum Data Model (PPDM) Association AGM was held in Calgary last month. Membership is rising and deployment widespread. Candidates for the PPDM board from both Landmark and GeoQuest were rejected by PPDM members.

PPDM business is booming, with some 120 members (a 33% rise over 1996) and to judge from the deployment case histories, the model is being widely deployed, at least in North and South America. The PPDM board elections demonstrated that PPDM is still a rather insular organization in the way that the membership snubbed candidates from Landmark and GeoQuest. In the case of John Sherman this was particularly maladroit in view of the work and resources that he and Landmark have put into the Discovery project.

POSC - no merger

It looks rather as though some PPDM members are glad to see the attempted rapprochement with POSC fail yet again. Participants in the Discovery project however relate that POSC was highly involved, and were impressed with the assistance they got from POSC and in the quality of the projection tools, a great improvement over the previous merger attempt when projecting from Epicentre meant several days of work. Both GeoQuest and Landmark were also closely involved until quite recently when both vendor's attention seems to have been diverted from the project - perhaps explaining the snub at the elections. PPDM still have the Discovery project on their books, but it is unlikely now to represent the hoped-for merger with Epicentre. Rather PPDM now see the way forward as through "new technology" version of PPDM, in other words Oracle 8.

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