Expro 97 conference focus on E&P IT. (November 1997)

The Expro conference held in London last month is unusual in that its focus is E&P IT. It therefore lacks the domain specificity of your AAPG/SEG and the like, and brings together geologist, geophysicist petroleum engineers, plant designers and of course data managers.

Expro 97 is designed to be a multidisciplinary event and the result of this is to give everyone some exposure to problems encountered elsewhere in the industry with the hope that such a gathering will allow ideas to cross fertilize from one domain to another. Of particular note was Stuart Robinson's description of the UK Department of Trade and Industry's initiative aimed at getting the oil industry to submit data digitally. This immediately posed the problem of data formats and the DTI elected to base their recommendations on the standards coming from POSC. However, to ensure that their industry clients understand what is meant by these standards, the DTI has taken the initiative of re-drafting the POSC specifications that they use in ASCII - and is publishing them on the DTI website at http://www.gov.uk/og. Also available on the DTI site is a complete list of the official DTI well number so that all those companies who have hitherto adopted a go it alone policy can mend their ways and use the DTI standard. The ASCII initiative has been achieved with help from POSC gurus from Cap Gemini. The DAEX product from Oilfield Systems was also used.

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