A2D Technologies Launches LOG-LINE Version 4.0 (November 1997)

The latest version 4.0 of A2D’s digital well log management software now has a GIS front end. Log-Line was originally derived from Texaco’s Loglib, an in-house development, as part of the outsourcing of their well log data management in 1996.

The outsourcing project involved the management of Texaco’s 1.5 million digital well log curves (20 billion curve feet) of digital data, with data feeds to Petcom, Workbench and other application tools. Described as "the only instant-access Internet delivery system for digital well log data", the new release incorporates a GIS search engine, based on the ubiquitous ESRI’s MapObjects, for Gulf of Mexico wells. LOG-LINE debuted in January 1997, and already has more than 80 subscribers, from majors to small independents. Users can either make spatial queries with the new map search engine or browse LOG-LINE's text index of wells, place their orders, and instantly download industry-standard LAS files to their workstations. "The GIS search capability in LOG-LINE has made it much easier for explorationists to find and use critical digital data," says Dave Kotowych, president of A2D Technologies. "Our goal is to continue to reduce the time required to find critical data, thereby increasing users’ productivity." More information about A2D LOG-LINE can be had from (888) LOG-LINE, or contact Joe Carroll at (281) 319-4944, email joe@a2d.com.

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