Landmark Releases ProMAX 7.0 (November 1997)

Landmark’s new seismic processing software fills a missing link in current interpretational workflows by beginning to bride the gap between the seismic processor and the seismic interpreter.

Aimed at the high volume end of the processing business, ProMAX 7.0 offers improved coupling with interpretation software, and introduces a database link. Integration with ProMAX and SeisWorks enables seismic data, including horizons to be shared between the two applications so that interpreters can create SeisWorks projects directly from ProMAX. Data navigation and access is enhanced and a new component is introduces DBTools which improves access to and visualization of a wide range of attributes. This is said to allow rapid visual detection of problems such as geometry and statics. Landmark’s CEO Robert Peebler has described conventional seismic processing as "dumbing down" the data and advocates a "revolution" in the white-space between processing and interpretation. While ProMAX 7.0 may not be the revolution, there should at least be some arm wrestling between interpreters and processors to decide who is going to sit in front of the ProMAX workstation.

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