Hays acquires TTN unit and teams with PGS. (November 1997)

UK-based Hays Information Management (HIM) has teamed up with PGS Data Management to form what they claim will be the world’s leading E&P data management organisation.

Hays’ expansion into E&P data management was initiated with their acquisition of Rockall a major E&P inventory storage outfit which had developed RSO, for online management of inventory. Close association with tape management and storage has clearly opened Hays’ eyes to the growth business of seismic tape remastering and has led to the global alliance with PGS. The alliance partners will provide a suite of services from hard copy storage with integrated data remastering to on-line, automated data banking. Part of the deal involved HIM acquiring the PGS unit Tape Technology Norge – Geodata Services. GeoData Services are involved in major remastering work on behalf of the Diskos consortium. PGS Data Management is part of the PGS ASA group with 1996 revenues of $451 million.

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