Databank competition hots up in Houston (November 1997)

A $ 1.6 million data storage facility has been inaugurated by CGG’s data management subsidiary PECC in Houston, while competitor GeoQuest announces the PowerHouse data repository.

The 12 Terabyte capacity center uses PetroVision and an Ampex 812 tape robot. This houses up to 256 50GB DD-2 19mm helical scan tapes. Four drives allow for a theoretical aggregate maximum transfer rate of 60MB/sc. The facility is intended as a showcase for PECC’s software and services which include turnkey data banking, on site remastering and archiving and offsite data storage with client site access via a PetroVision client.


Competitor GeoQuest have also announced the rollout of their PowerHouse data bank facility in Houston which will offer a High Density Media seismic library service for oil companies in the Houston area. The robotic system, developed in collaboration with Geco as part of BP Aberdeen’s outsourcing effort, is a StorageTek Powderhorn with 6 units of 6000 D2 and/or 3590 tapes. In this configuration, SeisDB runs atop of a Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) SAM FS from Large Storage Configuration. The service is being marketed along similar lines to PGS's GeoBank - whereby company's outsource the management of their tape library and the service company rationalizes multiple copies of the same survey, and manages access entitlements for participating companies.

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