Veristream to remarket PECC/PetroSystems’ PetroVision (November 1997)

Shell Services Company (a.k.a. Veristream) and CGG/PECC have signed a letter of intent for the delivery of world-wide E&P data management solutions using PECC’s PetroVision.

PetroVision (and not PetroView as we wrongly called it in last month’s PDM – apologies to all) is CGG’s answer to PetroBank so Veristream’s announced adoption of PetroVision may surprise PDM readers since the announcement last year that it was to become a Petrobank "reseller" (see PDM vol 1 N 2). Veristream state that their support for two competing data banking solutions bears witness to their vendor neutrality – citing their service level support for both Geoquest and Landmark’s product lines. Veristream was set up as a service outsource/spin-off from Shell and still works almost exclusively with the Shell group. The US based Veristream organization – whose headcount has already grown from 1800 to 2200 is set to expand further in 1998 when a linkup with the European Royal Dutch Shell service arm is set to make Shell Services a world-wide operation.

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