IESX and Charisma now part of GeoFrame (November 1997)

The latest release of GeoQuest’s software integration platform GeoFrame, version 3.0 now integrates GeoQuest’s twin seismic interpretation packages IESX and Charisma.

Applications in the GeoFrame environment share a common Oracle database that is described by GeoQuest as "fully compliant" with standards from POSC. Which of POSC’s labyrinthine standards GeoFrame is "compliant" with is not specified though. In addition to the two seismic interpretation packages GeoFrame now integrates visualization with GeoViz and Voxels, InDepth velocity modeling and depth conversion, CPS-3 mapping and Framework 3D for characterizing and interpreting complex structures, StratLog for geological interpretation, WellPix for correlation ElanPlus and PetroViewPlus for petrophysical analysis and other. Other tools for reservoir analysis include Impact, Zodiac and Polaris.

Data management has been enhanced with new tools for installing the software and data loading, spreadsheet style data management tools and editing and saving of ASCII data. WellEdit works with well log and core data. The migration of IESX and Charisma to GeoFrame is said to have taken "three years of dedicated development and testing", what is perhaps surprising is why GeoQuest did not take this opportunity to merge the two products. After all, you can’t have two "best in class".

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