Sony and Ovation seismic shift (November 1997)

The thorny problem of writing oddly blocked seismic data to modern High Density Media (HDM) has been addressed by the Sony/Ovation initiative dubbed the Seismic Shift.

Hitherto the small blocks of seismic field tapes have sometimes created havoc when read by UNIX workstations with a reported 9 hours read time for one HDM (brand "X") containing SEG-Y data. Seismic shift is a hardware modification to the standard Sony DTF drive which overcomes these problems and gives transfer rates of up to 11.25MB/sec on SEG-Y and SEG-D data without modification to the tape data format. Having helped Sony with the hardware modifications, Ovation are now ready to provide systems and services for migrating data from any other media and format to the DTF for processing, near line storage and archiving which can include their integrated "PetaStar" solution based on Sony’s PetaSite mass storage library holding from 5.4 TB to 2.3 Petabytes (1 petabyte = 1 billion megabytes).

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