Panther Ovation and Sony team in PetaStar terabyte storage offering (November 1997)

A new offering in the field of seismic databanking has been developed by Panther Software, Sony and Ovation Data Systems.

Building on Ovation’s "Seismic Shift" hardware modification to Sony’s DTF tape subsystem (see below) Panther adds its Seismic Data Management System to offer companies seismic tape access and data management from the workstation. Sony’s PetaStar tape library is managed though a hierarchical storage manager (HSM) from Minneapolis – based Large Storage Configuration (LSC). This effectively removes all the complex issues involved in writing seismic data to tape with block sizes and file marks by making the whole tape library look like huge disk capacity to the workstation. Ovation supply their PC based image management software – GEOASIS - allowing for scanned seismics, TIFF files maps word documents and so on to be stored in the PetaStar archive in native format. Hardware costs start at $40,000 for a 9 tape robot with 400 GB capacity and scale to a 5 TB site at around $250,000. A software bundle including the LSC software, Panther’s SDMS and Ovation’s image management will up these prices to around $120,000 for the entry level system and $500,000 for the 5TB offering.


All data on the system is re-mastered to SEG-Y. RODE and Geoshare are considered by Panther as too unstable at the current time. An addition to SDMS functionality is the ability to carve up a 3D dataset into an arbitrary polygon for seismic trade or sale. The scanned data from the Ovation package can be associated with a line in SDMS for visualization. Panther are also working on what will probably be called the "Production Seismic Data Loader" - a batch oriented version of their SDML which will target transcription/remastering projects where once the parameters required for data cleanup and load have been established, the process can be run unattended. This could for instance allow a three shift transcription operation to be optimized with the "clever" guys working a single day shift and the tape monkeys working round the clock.

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