QC Data new projects Alaska Data Bank and Bell South (November 1997)

QC data is working with Alaskan majors to investigate a future ‘National’ Data Repository (NDR) for Alaska, and has also diversified into data management for Bell South. The commonality between these projects is the increasing use of spatial data warehousing.

The idea of a "National" data bank for Alaska has been around for some time but lack of progress has caused three of the major Alaskan player to go it alone. BP, Arco and Exxon are to set up their own study group to move things along and have commissioned QC Data (Calgary) to work on the base case and specifications for a joint well data solution. The data bank is intended to be scalable to other data types and perhaps even to grow into a true national data repository.

Telco outsources data management

Bell South have awarded a $50 million contract to QC Data to manage 6 centers in the SW United States. All technical and spatial data management is outsourced. Typically this includes the vast amount of plant and infrastructure – drawings hard copy and hundreds of thousands of maps. These are now being digitized into a fully structured database. Other issues handled in the contract are change management and data sharing with contractors. What has this to do with the oil business? Just replace the infrastructure with producing oilfields, the phonelines with pipelines and we are in the heart of POSC/CAESAR country. This activity, spatial datawarehousing is a major growth area for QC Data.

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