Shell Canada targets remedial work (November 1997)

Blair Wheadon described the objectives of this production and accounting focused development as reducing cycle time between data capture in the field, financial processing in the accounts department and feedback to engineering.

The results of this effort allow just in time remedial action to be planned in such a way as to optimize resource allocation. The data fed to the engineers is not just SCADA generated information as to what wells may require intervention, but also a real time feed of the dollar value the lost production or "deferred oil". This allows remedial resources to target those problems where the reward will be greatest. In fact it is not hard to see how, once you have all the relevant data at your fingertips in real time, quite sophisticated optimization and timing of workers and the like can be realized. The essence of the problem is one of data management.

Shell Canada have used PPDM V2.3 to combine public and internally generated datasets with field generated data from SCADA Merak’s FDSC and OSI Plant Info. Data from this system is fed to the accounts department – where the dollar values are attached. Analysis is performed using a variety of tools, Production Analyst, Excel, Business Objects and MS Access. Main successes claimed are enhanced data integrity checks, particularly by comparing public and proprietary datasets and data latencies have been minimized.

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