LGC releases Parallel VIP (October 1997)

Landmark Graphics Corporation is shipping Parallel-VIP, described as a 'powerful and fast oil and gas reservoir simulator for both black oil and compositional simulations'.

This new release provides reservoir engineers and geoscientists with the computing horsepower and "full-featured", integrated parallel simulation software to simulate large, as well as small, hydrocarbon reservoirs more quickly and accurately. Parallel-VIP, which runs on distributed memory parallel processors, was rolled out on IBM's RS/6000 SP at the Society for Petroleum Engineers' Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio. "We believe that Landmark is delivering a powerful and unique capability to the industry," said John Gibson, executive vice president of Landmark's Integrated Products Group. "Essentially, Parallel-VIP will enable reservoir simulation to make greater contributions to the core business of our customers-managing and optimizing oil and gas reserves."


Parallel-VIP and the IBM SP provide users with the solution they need to address the entire reservoir as well as manage the interrelationships between individual gridblocks. "By vastly expanding the scalability of Parallel-VIP to include even more processors, we are enabling our customers to significantly increase the processing speed of their reservoir models," said John Killough, Landmark's principal reservoir scientist. "Our customers can better quantify and manage uncertainty because they can conduct multiple iterations of their simulation models rather than be restricted to a single run due to time constraints. VIP can also process even more gridblocks of data-faster. Now simulations of one million gridblocks to five million gridblocks can be simulated with less upscaling. "We are also excited about the application of Parallel-VIP to 4D seismic," Killough continued. "This capability will allow reservoir simulations to be performed at the resolution of seismic or geologic data, without the need for upscaling, which has traditionally lowered resolution considerably."

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