PRIZM release for well log data (September 1996)

Landmark subsidiary GeoGrapix has released PRIZM, a windows based program for the well log interpreter

Designed to meet the needs of the interpretative geoscientist, PRIZM provides an intuitive user interface optimized to quickly and accurately interpret well log data. Operating in the Microsoft Windows 32-bit environment, PRIZM is well-suited for both the casual user and the experienced petrophysicist. PRIZM allows the interpreter to analyze the key wells of a project, and then quickly apply the same interpretation to other wells within the project. The program supports digital data from numerous sources and provides the user with integrated data views and analyses. Users can view, edit, and analyze well log data in three different formats: traditional log view, crossplot view, and report view. Each of these views can be customized. PRIZM also enables the user to quickly analyze well log data using industry-standard or custom petrophysical algorithms. Lithologies can be identified and displayed, based on formation, defined log data, or custom specifications. Users can quickly calculate averages, totals, and estimated reserves based on field or interpreted data. In PRIZM, the user can also perform interactive data editing using single point, multiple point, or depth shifting. Designed by geoscientists and logging engineers, PRIZM "brings comprehensive log analysis to the PC. It makes sophisticated log analysis at the well site, home, or office a reality for even the inexperienced computer user". GeoGraphix was founded in 1984 and estimates that it currently has more than 8,000 licenses installed in more than 800 companies worldwide. The company's integrated, Windows-based systems for geoscience, land, engineering and petrophysics include (1) "GeoGraphix Exploration System" (GES) for geoscientific data management and mapping; (2) "Jaguar" for petroleum engineering and economic forecasting; and (3) "LeaseMap" for petroleum land management. For a limited time, the standalone PRIZM suite of products can be purchased for a promotional price of $5,000, a savings of $3,000. Contact Kami Schmidt, Marketing Coordinator (303) 296-0596, Bill Rodgers, Product Manager (303) 296-0596.

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