OASIS montaj not a typo, it's Geosoft's latest offering! (September 1996)

Canadian software house Geosoft has released its OASIS montaj data processing environment for Windows 95 and NT operating systems.

Designed for mineral exploration, petroleum exploration, environmental investigations and other earth science applications, OASIS montaj is said to be a new generation of software that allows geoscientists to interactively import, manage, visualize, process, analyze, present and archive located earth science data on a Pentium-based personal computer. Ian MacLeod, Geosoft's director of research and development and CEO, is making a big claim for the product: "OASIS montaj represents the most important advance in PC-based earth science data processing in 10 years. This technology enables geoscientists to efficiently integrate, process and manipulate unlimited volumes of data while staying directly in contact with the original data - with live, visual links to databases, profiles, images and maps. In addition, our users will benefit from a software architecture that lets us add new functionality more rapidly than ever before. ".


The system comprises the core OASIS montaj environment and advanced plug in application suites consisting of specialized routines called Geosoft executables (GXs) that perform specific data processing and analysis tasks. An application development tool called the GX Developer is available for earth scientiste who want to reuse existing applications in OASIS montaj or who want to create their own GXs. Users can also take advantage of the custom application development expertise offered by Geosoft's technical services group. In designing a standard platform for data management, processing and interpretation, Geosoft says it was driven by customer requests for a Windows-based

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