Basin modeling software launched (September 1996)

New basin modeling software for the PC claims enhanced oil-generation computation and calibration.

A basin modeling software package, TerraMod, has been launched by a new UK company of the same name. The advanced program allows oil and gas explorers to define, with much greater precision than has previously been possible, the history of sediment burial and compaction, the timing and magnitude of source rock maturation and the volumetrics of oil and/or gas migration in an exploration region.


Through rigorous calculation routines utilising automated calibration checks, TerraMod precisely simulates basin development and thus derives accurate models to fit the specific geology of an area. Its backstripping and compaction algorithms, lab-derived lithological parameters and fully coupled pressure and temperature calculations ensure that each basin model can be optimized to match precisely a specific area of interest. TerraMod is PC-based and incorporates a project and well databasing system, a state of the art intuitive user interface, the capability for single and multi-well simulation runs, model optimisation tools and a high quality graphical and

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