Dutch company counting on quantitative geoscientific interpretation (August 1996)

Newly formed Dutch company de Groot-Bril Earth Sciences offers general-purpose software portfolio for quantitative geoscientific interpretations.

Launched at the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) meeting in Amsterdam, the new company "attracted a great deal of interest". We have to take their word for that, but this is what they offer. The DGB-GDI (Geology-Driven Integration) system, according to its makers, comprises of a set of modules for integrating, analyzing and quantifying geoscientific data and knowledge. The subject to be defined is completely user-defined. Geological objects with attached properties (non-numeric) and quantifies (numeric) are defined at "natural scale" levels. Any hierarchical ordering system used in sedimentary geology can be projected into the system where is it used to identify, manipulate, analyze and quantify the information. There are no restriction with respect to the scale levels, nor to the quantities and properties to be studied.


The idea is that DGB-GDI can be used for applied research and special studies in various disciplines such as reservoir geophysics, seismic lateral predictions, seismic pattern analysis, petrophysics, rock-physics, basin analysis, etc. Unique features in the portfolio are a module for simulating pseudo-wells and dGB's concept of 'translator objects.' Via this technology dGB claims to have succeed completely in separating the application from the data representation. Data can be streamed into or out of the application in real-time from any file, device or command that is accessible from the user's site. In other words, data duplication and unwanted data loading procedures can be avoided. DGB-GDI is selling the software in logical groups of modules. We'll be keeping an eye on further developments which are being furthered through a newly initiated GDI consortium which so far includes Shell, Saudi Aramco and Geo-Logic with other companies and universities participating in the decision-making.

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