SeisWorks 3.0 makes its market debut (August 1996)

The new release of its integrated geophysical interpretation suite is said to allow interpreters to perform seismic derived reservoir characterization.

Landmark started the month of August banging the big drum for the beginning of shipping of its SeisWorks 3.0 upgrade. The new release of its integrated geophysical interpretation suite is said to enable interpreters to move beyond structural interpretation to volume characterization and definition of reservoirs. The company also took the opportunity to announce an expansion of its geophysical consulting services, reinforcing its drive towards the holy grail of 'integrated solutions.'


Landmark says the SeisWorks 3.0 family has moved forward the art of integrating data, processes and applications. In a burst of purple prose, the company likens the new release to the difference between an MRI scan which creates a holistic view of a human body white an X-ray only shows the skeletal structure. In geoscience speak, interpreters can incorporate more critical seismic and well data for much greater accuracy in determining the size, shape, nature and location of a reservoir during exploration, development and production. 'Rather than only interpreting at or around boundaries, geoscientists can now analyze data between the boundaries' is how the company explains the power of SeisWorks.


According to Landmark's John Gibson, executive vice president for the Integrated Products Group, 'most companies use only a fraction of the data they have available to them to make multi-million dollar decisions about their drilling and production programs. Landmark is fundamentally improving their ability to make faster, more accurate decisions by better defining reservoirs through access to more seismic and multidisciplinary information. This integrated approach is difficult or impossible to achieve using other methods.

Client input

Expanded fault handling capabilities such as active fault correlation using intersection symbols, multi-z values and enhanced time slice fault plane interpretation are some of the features in the SeisWorks 3.0 release which was based on extensive consultation with Landmark clients. Additional enhancements include full merge functionality for interpreting multiple 2D and 3D data volumes in either time or depth, new seismic data management capabilities and significant usability and user interface updates to accelerate training and productivity.


Landmark points out that the SeisWorks family is dynamically integrated through OpenWorks, the company's project data management environment based on industry standards. It proudly notes that OpenWorks integrates more applications than any other commercially available E&P environment, including Landmark applications, other vendors and customers' proprietary systems. With regard to the expansion of its consulting services for geophysical interpretation, Landmark's vice president for professional services Keith Johnston said the company could integrate environments that comprehend all the applications and data needed to meet client's goals as well as train cross-functional teams.

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