Getting Started on the Internet (August 1996)

Garry Perrat, thedriving force behind Geoforum has allowed us to print some of his tips on using Internet,here's Garry..


Usenet provides discussion groups (somewhat like bulletin boards) on every conceivable subject (and quite a few inconceivable ones, it has to be said!). Unless your site has a news feed access can be tricky. I currently peruse sci.geo.petroleum via Birmingham University's gopher (address below) which provides access to all news groups.


These are some useful starting points for those new to the internet:

The sci.geo.petroleum resource list is not available online as far as I can tell. It is posted regularly to sci.geo.petroleum itself or is available from Scott Guthery ( It includes a LOT of information!

To visit a company's web site the best first attempt (apart from asking someone or looking at a brochure) is to try "". For a non-profit organisation replace the "com" with "org". If you still can't get through give them a call! Note that although most vendors (hardware and software) and service companies have Internet web sites many oil companies don't. Some companies which follow this website naming convention include IBM, SGI, Sun and Halliburton. Some which require a little lateral thinking include Landmark ( and Schlumberger ( A search on Yahoo (or similar) can usually find a company;

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