Advice on rationing software licenses (August 1996)

Garry Perrat (Phillips), offers the following advice to those who are trying to optimize software licenses and use.

# seismon - monitor SeisWorks processes for

# inactivity since SeisWorks doesn't support

# FlexLMs TIMEOUT facility

# run by cron every half hour

# Put a blank line and the date into the log file

echo "" >> $HOME/lmk/seismon.out

date >> $HOME/lmk/seismon.out


# Define temporary work area - not /tmp since this is cleared

# on reboot and we need to hold on to the files..

TMPDIR=$HOME/lmk/seismon.tmpdir;export TMPDIR


# Specify the list of servers to monitor

serverlist="lnst0aa lnst1a lnst2a lnst3a lnst4a lnst5a lnlm06a lnlm08"


# Loop through all servers

for server in $serverlist; do


# check that the server is alive

# If it is not then continue with the next one

/usr/etc/ping $server >/dev/null

[ $? -ne 0 ] && continue

# Th server is alive so find all relevant processes running

# on it and print out a sorted list of pid, uid, cpu_time

# and process_name

rsh $server ps -axuww|nawk '$0~/Seis.d$/ \

{print substr($0,10,5), substr($0,1,9), \

substr($0,50,6),$NF}' | \

sort > $TEMPDIR/seismon.$


# Join the old and new lists and print out uid and \

# process_name if there is no change in cpu time

join $TMPDIR/seismon.$server.old $TMPDIR/seismon.$ \

| nawk '$3==$6 {print "'$server'",$2,$4}'>> \



# Rename new output to old

mv $TMPDIR/seismon.$ $TMPDIR.seismon.$server.old



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