Petroconsultants backs off PPDM liaison (July 1996)

Petroconsultants to abandon merge with PPDM data model

Petroconsultants & PPDM recently announced their intention to work together to ensure that data can be easily transferred between the Iris2l However, our understanding is that Petroconsultants have had second thoughts about this and that the development may not actually go ahead in quite such a collaborative manner. Petroconsultants were to work with PPDM "to extend the PPDM Model to cover new areas such as acreage and field data in a way that it compatible with Iris2l." This would have offered an interesting venture, benefiting PPDM users in that the model would have been improved in what was previously a weak domain. It would also have allowed Petroconsultants to sell their Foreign Scouting Services as a ‘plug in’ to PPDM members. It seems likely that the fly in the ointment here is what the implications would have been for Iris21. If the permit management capabilities of Iris2l were included, even in a limited way, into the PPDM data model, which can be purchased for and PPDM models. $400, what future for Iris2l?

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