Reason to celebrate? (December 1996)

Scott Pickford gives itself a pat on the back for a second birthday present.

A well-publicized boardroom bust-up in the holding company may well be the reason behind the petroleum geoscience consultancy Scott Pickford Group's press release about its second birthday celebrations. Purple patch of the release reads "In describing the numerous milestones achieved by the processing team, Don Scott, the company's chairman, referred to the growth as 'phenomenal'. The Orpington-based operation, now established as a separate subsidiary company, employs almost 30 people, has an annualized turnover approaching 2 million and has worked on more than 100 projects for over 40 clients. The second birthday was celebrated with a champagne reception for the staff and coincided with the award of two major 3D projects." PDM deserves a magnum for printing this stuff!

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