Spectrum and BDM partnership (December 1996)

UK companies Spectrum and Britannia Data Management (BDM) announce combined data services.

Spectrum is to provide specialized media services as part of BDM's added value program for its energy customers. Services will include tape copying,, tape audits, transcription and concatenation based at BDM's Coulsdon site. According to the companies, the deal will form the 'initial platform' for a close co- operation 'required to maximize the benefits from Spectrum's information technology services and the physical data and information services provided by BDM'.

One stop shop

The intention is to deliver a 'one stop shop' range of services including scanning and indexing to support individual records management needs. Spectrum, based in Woking and with a number of subsidiary overseas operations, specializes in seismic data processing and seismic scanning for the oil industry. It also has ambitions for its data management division supplying consultancy, data conversion and system integration. BDM has been around for 20 years, providing data and records management services for both energy, upstream and downstream customers. It supplies off-site storage, records management consultancy, library and information services, onsite support and reprographic services to over 1,500 commercial and energy clients and claims to be the second largest data and records management group in the UK.

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