More National Data Banks from GeoQuest, IBM. (December 1996)

Two new National Data Repositories (NDR) announced - GeoQuest will supply Finder in Thailand and IBM PetroBank to Brazil.

GeoQuest has been awarded a $1.9 Million contract to set up the Petroleum and Coal Management Information System (PCMIS) for the Dept. of Mineral Resources of Thailand (DMR). DMR is the Thai government agency that manages mineral, coal and petroleum exploration and production. The PCMIS data management center will be located in Bangkok and will be used by DMR to "support and accelerate the country's E&P objectives". GeoQuest will provide software, hardware, training, customization, data entry and archival services. The center will handle E&P and associated data from all lease holders, operators and contractors in Thailand. Finder and SeisDB will form the core of installation, with additional software products deployed to organize and preserve digital and hard-copy data and to ensure access and rapid retrieval of data by DMR staff.


Meanwhile IBM announced that Petrobras, the Brazilian state oil company has selected PetroBank solution for its seismic data management needs. PetroBank will allow Petrobras "to store and manage a great deal of multidisciplinary data with a high level of confidentiality" a Petrobras executive stated. Magstar 3590 tapes will be used for the data repository, and data delivery will be provided from an IBM RS/6000 SP server.

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