Merak Projects eyes up Ogle's petroleum software (December 1996)

Calgary-based Merak Projects is purchasing Ogle, the United Kingdom's software system for petroleum economic analysis.

This acquisition, expected to close mid- November, is the centerpiece of a strategic alliance, with UK-based Energy Resource Consultants (ERC), a division of PGS Reservoir. Ogle has more than 100 users in companies that include BHP, Fina and Marathon. Ogle is "renowned for its rigorous treatment of the fiscal calculations for UK and North Sea oil and gas production". Kent Burkholder, engineering manager for the company's London office, says "Merak's partnership with ERC will provide Ogle users direct and immediate access to complementary value management tools, while guaranteeing their confidence in the fiscal calculations." The Merak product suite includes more than 10 economic, engineering and field applications, such as PEEP, DecisionTree and WeIlView.

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