Drilling history on CD-ROM (December 1996)

Houston-based Petroleum Information Corporation (PI) has made PI History on Demand available as a CD-ROM

The new product provides access to the market and competitive information contained in PI Drilling Wire, itself a digital version of the company's PI Drilling Reports. History on Demand is said to facilitate instant retrieval of articles published in PI Drilling Wire. PI subscribers will be able to browse or search for specific articles in PI History on Demand using a hypertext key-word query, rather than spending hours, weeks or months downloading electronic copies or paging through paper copies. PI History on Demand CD-ROM is updated with over 300 reports every quarter. The reports can be downloaded to a computer's hard drive and used in conjunction with Windows and Macintosh applications. Both regional and national subscriptions are available. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, PI was founded in 1928 as the publisher of a regional drilling report and today its petroleum industry database covers more than 2.6 million wells and production entities.

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