Coherency on CD ROM (December 1996)

Coherency Technology's promotional CD-ROM demo of the Coherency Cube technique provides spectacular demonstration of the method.

The CD-ROM demo from the Coherency Technology Company (CTC) is a pretty spectacular argument in favor of at least trying their wares. This CD-ROM is a must have in terms of showing how CTC's processing can bring out faults where the conventionally processed seismic shows nothing at all. Quick-Time videos are also supplied and in themselves are marvelous examples of the visualization of geological features in a 3D data volume.


Now a demo is designed to sell a product, and not being experts on this technology we will refrain from passing technical judgement. While the black box element of this technology may be a put-off to some, similar results may be obtainable with other types of non-reflector oriented 3D processing, nonetheless, this is a great demo and is a must have for anyone wanting to persuaded their boss to put a few hundred thousand dollars into a Coherency test. This is an expensive process, but as CTC point out, will probably add "only" around 1% to the overall cost of a 3D survey. CD-ROM demo "Precision That Pays" from Coherence Technology Corporation - more info from CTC tel (1) 713 870 1501,

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