Dowell and GeoQuest on well optimization (November 1996)

A CADE Office suite (Computer Aided Design, Execution and Evaluation) is being launched by Schlumberger Dowell, marking a first venture into commercial software in association with GeoQuest.

For use on PCs, the suite is designed for oil and gas producers to create and optimize in-house design projects and to update or modify designs supplied by Dowell with each job proposal. Two of the six CADE Office products, already used daily by Dowell engineers, are now being made commercially available. These are the StimCADE matrix acidizing software and the FracCADE hydraulic fracturing software. The four other products to be released over the next year include the CoilCADE, CemCADE, PacCADE and MudCADE software for coiled tubing, cementing, sand control and drilling fluids applications, respectively. Claude Vercaemer, vice president, Dowell marketing and product development said "We believe that placing our technology in the hands of clients will improve our ability to work together towards the optimisation of each well. It is a natural progression of our business as a leading technolce provider in well construction, well

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